Translation of russian technical articles

Repairing the Display With Soda!

Author: subvillion Source: http://habrahabr.ru/post/144043/

It looks like plastic mines are almost depleted nowadays. The bigger and heavier a display is, the smaller and thinner is its stand. And the 23” Samsung monitor has shared the dandelion’s fate. Occasionally I’ve found the method to repair plastic breaks with baking soda. The process of display stand repair is under cut.

Inner hub (allowing horizontal inclination) was broken in the place of its attachment to the stand. I don’t know the engineers’ idea behind, but 2 screws were holding 15 pounds of display.

Breaking the Bank Website or From LFI to RCE

Author: 090h Source: http://habrahabr.ru/post/143548/

One friend of mine was hired in a bank recently, and he has asked me to check the kubunibank.ru website for security vulnerabilities. I chose Acunetix Web Scanner as audit tool, since this scanner is the best option for initial inspection. Website is pretty small and 5-minutes check resulted with 3 LFI (Local File Inclusion) errors, so I immediately desired to get shell there.

Recognizing Token Image With Camera

Author: Dreadatour Source: http://habrahabr.ru/post/143102/

Company, where I spend all the time when I am not having a rest, has very severe security requirements. Tokens are used for user authentication wherever possible. So they gave me this thing:

and told: click the button, check the digits, enter the password and be happy. “Of course, security above all, but there still should be some place for comfort” – I’ve thought something like that and inspected all the electronic stuff I have.

(Honestly speaking, I have been expecting to take a break in programming and deal with hardware for a pretty long time, so my laziness was not the only thing that motivated me here).